TDG-116 Service trucks and small carriers

Service truck AND SMALL ACARRIERS: TDG-116tdgr-training-dangerous-goods-service-trucks-montreal

This TDGR training is specifically designed for “in-house” carriers of small shipments or service trucks (500 kg or less) of dangerous goods and is based on the exemption under section 1.16. It is also excellent training for sales reps and service units who need to be certified under TDGR.

Course Outline

  • Legal responsibilities;
  • Structure of our Service Truck Guide;
  • Classes of dangerous goods ;
  • 9 classes of dangerous goods;
  • Packaging standards;
  • Marking and labelling of packages;
  • Simplified shipping document;
  • Loading and reporting requirements;
  • Quebec specific rules.

Duration: 2.5 hours

All participants receive a copy of our TDGR-116 Guide book based on our 8 steps to compliance and a training certificate recognized by Transport Canada.

Dangerous Goods Training Center