TDG training – ground transport for shippers

dangerous-goods-training-lavalNeed a new way to learn the complexities of TDGR ?  Looking for training that is effective for your shippers ?

This course is designed for employees who prepare shipments, package goods, label and mark packages and prepare shipping documents (manufacturers or distributors of dangerous goods). It is based on our 8 steps to compliance and our TDGR guide books and schedules (including the new packing instructions and remasterized DG list) to make compliance a breeze.


Course Outline

  • Legal responsibilities;
  • Structure of our TDGR Guide;
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods (shipping description);dangerous-goods-training-shippers-montreal
  • 9 classes of dangerous goods;
  • Detailed packaging requirements including TP14850 requirements;
  • Marking and labelling of packages;
  • Shipping documentation;
  • Placarding requirements;
  • Loading;
  • Spill reporting;
  • Provincial specifications;
  • Emergency assistance response plans.

Duration:  4 to 7 hours according to customer needs.



Dangerous Goods Training Center