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Our TDGR training (transportation of dangerous goods regulations)  are based on a simple yet efficient approach that we call the 8 steps to compliance and our reknowed TDG Booklet (including our placard selection chart). Book your training now  !

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TDG Training – Ground Transportation

Formation TMD - Transport Terrestre Marchandises DangereusesYou are a dangeous goods carrier or distributor ?
Make sure you obtain the appropriate training for your specirfic needs.  Carriers and shippers do not have the same responsabilities.  Each needs to ensure that they are fully compliant for their specific aspect of the regulations.  We have the largest selection of courses some specific to a single commodity in order to save you time and ensure full compliance.  Here are some examples of our subject specific classes:


TDGR Training – International Marine Transport

Formation TMD - Transport Maritime Marchandises DangereusesDo you ship dangerous goods internationnaly by sea or to northern Canada ?

Préparing shipments of dangerous goods by sea requires additional training. Dangerous goods training must include specific aspects of the IMDG Code.  E-mail us now  to book your TDGR-IMO course and be fully compliant with the requirements for shipmerts of dangerous goods by sea and to northern Canada.


Formation IATA - Transport Aérien Marchandises Dangereuses


TDGR Training – Air Transport

Your packages are constantly rejected by your air carier ?  Shipping by FedEx ?

You can’t afford to loose time and precious commodities.  With our TDGR-Air training  refusals or returns are a thing of the past !   Regain control of your air shipments by  reserving a class today .


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