Looking for dangerous goods training at the time and place you need ?

Our firm specializes in-house dangerous goods training at the time and date that fits your schedule.




Tired of wastingTDGR-training-dangerous-goods-class-montreal production and your employee time on endless dangerous goods courses with no real bearing on your situation?

Come to us ! We customize all our courses to your specific needs, concentrating on those specific dangerous goods that you handle.  No more wasted resources and time.


.Are you looking for a firm that cares about your needs ?

When you call us, we will listen to your specific needs and come up with a dangerous goods training program that makes sense for YOU, more often than not at a cost less than out of the box courses or public classes.

We help our clients increase their productivity and safety by supplying compliance services and specialised training in the field of dangerous goods transport, handling and storage.


Have a tight budget ?TDGR-training-dangerous-goods-books-montreal

We design our dangerous goods courses around the specific needs of our clients and supply easy to use compliance tools that reduce classroom time and enhance training.  Your employees go back to work better trained sooner which translates in savings for you.  For example we have a dedicated course for diesel, fuel, one for batteries and another for servuice trucks.

Our expertise


Un mot pour vous exprimer nos remerciements pour la présentation étoffée que vous avez offerte aux membres de l’AQUIP lors du congrès qui se tenait le weekend dernier à Québec. Votre intervention fut très appréciée. Elle a largement contribué au succès de cet événement. Les membres qui assistaient à votre intervention n’ont pas manqué d’en souligner l’à propos autant que la valeur; ils en ont tiré des renseignements utiles et stimulants. – Sonia Marcotte-AQUIP

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