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Transporting or shippjng dangerous goods presents important risks. Protect your firm by ensuring that the training you receive meets ALL legal requirements and is provided by a specialised firm in this domain. ... Continue reading ...

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Handling hazardous materials at work is a concern ?? Protect your firm and your employees by providing the most up to date and compliant training available presented in a manner that will make you think safety. ... Continue reading ...

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Forklifts and pallet trucks are dangerous equipment that can cause severe damage and injuries. Ensure business continuity and employee safety through a complete training program. ... Continue reading ...


The Dangerous Goods Training Centercours-tmd-laval-montreal-cfmd-matieres-dangereuses-Dangerous Goods is a specialized firm dedicated to the field training on hazardous materials and work safety.   We firmly believe that to be successful, training must be enjoyable and simple.   Which is why all our classes are directed by spirited trainers who apply dynamic training techniques in order to make the  participants feel fully involved in the learning process.


We offer Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation (TDGR), Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS-2015) and lifting equipment (forklift and pallet truck) training customized to our clients specific needs.

All our hazardous material and lifting equipment courses meet federal and provincial requirements and lead to a recognized training certificate as required by the various competent authorities (Transport Canada, DoT, FAA, IATA, ICAO, CNESST).

Our WHMIS training has been verified by the Quebec CNESST and our training center is recognized by Emploi-Québec.


What are hazardous materials ??

Hazardous materialsmatières dangereuses-domestiques-Dangerous Goods are defined as any substance that may present an important risk to the health and safety of persons.  Included in this definition are  explosives, compressed gases, aerosols, solvents, flammable, oxidizing, toxic and infectious radioactive or corrosive materials.  They are present in all aspects of our lives.  Furthermore, some domestic chemicals, which may seem mondane, may cause severe damages and injuries when transported particularly by air.


What regulations apply to hazardous materials ? simdut-tmd-cours-matieres-dangereues-laval-Dangerous Goods

There are mainly two regulations that apply to hazardous mterials: the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) that applies while shipping or carrying dangerous goods; and Hazardous Products Regulations (or WHMIS-2015) which applies to the distribution and handling hazardous products in the workplace.  Specific packaging methods, labelling requirements and documentation must be provided depending on the regulations.


Other Risks

matières-dangereuses-formation-tmd-laval-montreal-Dangerous Goods In addition to hazardous materials, lifting equipment  (forklift, powered pallet trucks, skyjacks) are a safety concern and present a risk to the health and safety of employees and business continuity,  Employers and supervisors can be held criminally responsible for injuries that could have been prevented  through adequate training .


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